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About Us

Because ignorance lies in the places where we're afraid to ask the questions, we're on a mission to develop content which bravely crosses those perceived boundaries to thoughtfully engage our audiences in opening up to a more inclusive way of thinking, acting, and reacting.


4th Moon Productions is creating a ripple in the entertainment industry by unearthing rich and relatable stories that evokes conversation, inspires hope and encourages unity and family structure. Adding visual elements to accompany these innovative stories, we are sure to deliver meaningful entertainment through our TV/film, radio, web-based and promotional content.


We're creating, developing, and producing innovative content with talented emerging artists and creatives to support experiential learning while building job security in the arts and entertainment industry.

TrishundA A. Mooney

Born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama this Clark Atlanta University alumna has never let anything stop her from achieving what she sees. Trishunda is the 4th child of seven and wanted a way to somehow carry on her father's name after she gets married. Hence the name, 4th Moon Productions, the south’s first female Black owned entertainment production company of its kind.

After graduating from Jefferson Davis high school, she moved to Atlanta, GA to attend Bauder College where she received an Associate of Arts degree majoring in Fashion Merchandising.  She used her talent and skills as a visual merchandiser and later began to explore modeling and acting. As an extra on the set of Rainforest Films (2005) movie, "The Gospel" Mooney's curiosity was piqued to learn more about leading positions in filmmaking behind the scenes. Combining her love of plugging artists into the right position, telling inspiring stories and effectively distributing collected funds to organized projects, Mooney created her own lane.

Mooney's work on camera and behind the scenes span in productions such as: "The Anatomy of Love" (feature film), "Just a Dash" (short film), BET's "The Quad," CMT's "Redneck Island," & "PBS's "Tell Me More with Kelly Corrigan."

From an extra to Executive Producer, this natural born leader understands the best way to support arts and humanity is by professionally and financially investing in the creatives gifted and purposed to move the culture forward. She is completely driven to take the world by storm, tearing down the walls of typical stereotypes and replacing them with the positive portrayals of self-image, inner beauty, confidence and intellect.

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