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4th Moon Productions launched the #ART_ists_Everywhere ™ initiative in response to their belief it is important that artists are financially compensated for their unique skills while they're still living. The company finds it  to be a fundamental to explore paths in building communities of support for artists everywhere.  


Each year one artist is chosen to represent the #ART_ists_Everywhere ™  brand. This year that special artist is Devin D. Taylor, a contemporary artist, most famously known as DMO Dap.

Devin "DMO Dap" Taylor

by Nailah Herbert

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As an artist, he leads with his special acronym BOP (Build On Purpose), which stemmed from his love for hip-hop music and its origins of jazz music. BOP Art is a term DMO uses to identify his work instead of Pop Art.  His artwork is a vehicle conveying his personal stories in their most raw and authentic form.


“My art is almost always inspired by my own life, ambitions, desires, and respect for the culture and what it means to be a part of a race that has to fight for everything. With that vision, I hale from a small town called Fort Deposit, Alabama, where dreaming is just a dream you had last

night in most cases,” said DMO. “So utilizing my art to extend and push beyond those boundaries to inspire the next artist that knows or learns of my story is extremely important.”


DMO's was in kindergarten when he first publicly declared his dream of  becoming an artist in response to his teacher asking the age old question, "What would you like to be when you grow up?" 

“Some of my earliest commissions were drawings and cards for other classmates in second and third grade. I remember one in particular where I was asked to draw a card for a classmate’s brother or could’ve been his father, that was incarcerated at the time,” said DMO. “That commission would lead to many drawings of Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, and muscular bound characters in general. I used to repeatedly draw characters that mimicked the physiques of Rambo, wrestlers, and multiple other heroic figures a kid could possibly be influenced by at the time.”

DMO (Divine Made Original) derived from Devin meaning divinity, is sure to deliver custom pieces with significant reason behind it, influence or personal inspiration of what is deemed culture from his perspective.

CLICK HERE to commission an original piece or make a purchase from DMO Dap's growing collection. Follow him on Facebook: DMO Taylor and Instagram: @dmogimmedap

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